17 March 2012

Very late Valentine's Day nails :-)

L-R: Red red wine, Lili's Pink, Pink Fizz, Magenta Divine

I did this a while back and thought it was finally time to show you lovelies some more nail experiments :-)
These were actually my nails on Valentine's Day, just another mix of Models Own colours - and one which I really loved - it was very feminine and glitzy! :-) You get the idea :-P

-Chloë xx


  1. I really want to try the Models Own glitter varnishes but do they feel rough if you catch them on things like cotton because that to me is like nails on a black board, so random I know.
    I've just done a marble Nail effect, pictures aren't they great but please let me know what you think x


  2. I recommend them; they are easily affordable at £5 each, come out in gorgeous colours and the glitter can stay on for weeks without chipping - but this could annoying if you like to change it up often. As for catching on cotton, I know what you mean and it's horrible haha, but no it doesn't tend to, especially if you secure it with a good top coat like OPI :-)

    Love the tutorial, I've been meaning to try the marble effect out - I'll use your tips :-)


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