18 March 2012

Pastels and tiny jewels

I've just recently got a new DSLR in preparation for my Photography A level in September, so I will be posting better quality photos from now on :-P

Anyways, hi lovelies :-) I thought I'd go all lovely and girly after my bout of black and red nails!

L-R: MO nailart pen, Blooboo, Lilac Dream, Pastel Pink, Saffron White, MO '3 in 1 Top, Base & Gloss'.
Above: Nail art rhinestones wheel
So, I applied my new Model's Own base coat (I got this and Blooboo for a 2 for £8 deal on at Boots!) then painted each nail a random pastel colour.

I'd like to point out that I recently purchased Saffron in White from eBay as my first white varnish (finally!) and I'm so glad I did! I'ts such a pure and wonderful white, applying perfectly with just one coat and not a chip in sight so far! At just £2 I highly recommend that you invest in this if you haven't got a good white in your collection :-)

On top of random nails I carefully stuck 3 tiny rhinestones to the edges (they stay securely on the nail varnish and are easily sealed down with top coat!) using my fingertips - fiddly but achievable business with patience! :-)

My finished nails and their glitzy extras! 
My sister's lovely design (plus MO Champagne) and the fabulous pastels!

So there's another nail digest for you :-) Hope you liked it - try out your own pastel mix, or perhaps try using nail gems - I can't stop rotating mine and making them sparkle :-P

-Chloë xx

17 March 2012

Very late Valentine's Day nails :-)

L-R: Red red wine, Lili's Pink, Pink Fizz, Magenta Divine

I did this a while back and thought it was finally time to show you lovelies some more nail experiments :-)
These were actually my nails on Valentine's Day, just another mix of Models Own colours - and one which I really loved - it was very feminine and glitzy! :-) You get the idea :-P

-Chloë xx

8 March 2012

Red & Black re-invented!

Hi again! I has absent-mindedly picked off most of my lovely blue nails so it was time for a change!
I thought I would do both hands differently so I used the classic red and black, but with a white nail art pen I added a slight twist to each set :-)

On my left hand I applied 2 coats of MO's red red wine and then did 4 stripes of white on 3 of 5 nails, which personally I really like the look of - I think all 5 would be a stripe overload. :-)

On my right hand I applied 2 coats of MO's black magic and on my thumb I carefully attempted to draw a yin yang symbol (left handed as well! I even impressed myself haha!) on it. For this I used the white pen again. I think even something this simple on one hand can really change the feel of the black nails.

Anyways, just a quick idea after a rather serious and emotional post!
What would you do with a white nail art pen?

-Chloë xx

KONY 2012 & Invisible Children Inc.

So I know this might not "fit in" with the rest of my blog, but it deserves a place everywhere possible to raise awareness! ♥

Basically, in Uganda there is a terrible man named Joseph Kony who is the leader of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army). The army, at any time, invade Ugandan villages and abduct young children - children as young as 2 or 3 years old. These children are given guns and weapons and forced to become a part of this rebellion, demanded to kill and injure people including their own families. The boys become child soldiers and the girls are used as sex slaves. If this isn't shocking enough, it has been going on for 30 years already, with over 30,000 innocent Ugandan children taken from their lives and forced into the LRA.

One of the most shocking facts behind all of this is that this man, Kony, is fighting for NO REAL REASON, he is just trying to maintain his power over the "army" he has created. He is a disgusting human being and this campaign aims to make Kony famous - not to celebrate him, but to promote his name in the hopes of raising awareness of his crimes and getting him arrested at last.

I promise you that if you watch the video you will be subjected to intense emotion, you will be inspired and moved to you will want to try and get involved, to make a change.
Even if you just sign your email up to the pledge on the wesbite you will be helping immensely.

I've already signed up and donated and shared the news. Now it's your turn to help make a positive change.
We are all one, and we can make this happen.


Please watch this video for full details:

Here is the website:

2 March 2012

Putting a twist on the phrase 'feeling blue'!

So, after a very visually appealing experience with my Models Own (MO) Blue Med, I thought I would go all out with my best blue nail varnishes :-)

L-R: Barry M Cobalt Blue, MO Blue Med, MO Aquaviolet beetlejuice, MO Feeling Blue, MO Bluebell, Barry M Blueberry
Right hand (Sorry it's a bit messy - I'm tired :-P)
Left hand

Both of the Barry M shades applied perfectly with one richly coloured coat being all you need. I used my MO Black Nailart Pen to do one half of my thumb's yin-yang symbol and a random white pen brand on the other (which didn't go too well haha) and a heart on my right ring finger.

Models Own's 'Bluebell' is a deep blue glitter which is a bit tricky to apply but with 2 or 3 thin coats, very carefully layered, appears beautifully glittery :-) We all love a bit of sparkle! MO's glitter polishes last a very long time without chipping and are quite hard to remove, so make sure you really love them and want to wear them before you apply!

Apologies for how messy a few nails are, I was quite tired when I did them haha
Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this and try out a colour mix of your own - neater than mine :-)

-Chloë xx

1 March 2012

Creative disposal!

I'm currently doing my final GCSE Art project based around abstraction, geometric design and vibrant colour and I keep thinking of new ways to demonstrate my ideas.

I had a bit of a nose around my room to see what I could go colour crazy with and found a bunch of old and unloved nail varnishes hidden away. Most of these were discontinued primark shades which I will never wear, so I decided to put them to good use - recycling them in a sense :-)

Just thought I would share this with you as if you are an arty soul you may want to recycle some of your abandoned nail varnish by turning it into an abstract... well... mess! :-) Instead of throwing them away I have given them a purpose in their lives :-P

-Chloë xx