22 April 2012

Stripes and Aquaviolet Beetlejuice!

Hi there! Sorry about my lack of posts, I've had a lot going on lately!
Anyway, here's a quick post for you :-)

These are my nails (looking very short!) painted with Models Own's Aquaviolet Beetlejuice. I love this shade from their beetlejuice range as it changes colour at different angles in the light, going from purple one moment to green and blue the next! You can probably see this in the photo, but it is way better in real life :-)
It really is lovely. Also it is very well-wearing and durable, hardly any chips in sight for quite some time!

I decided to add some stripe detail with my MO black nailart pen - makes it look a bit like a beetle somehow... don't you think? :-P

Oh, I decided to sell a few things on eBay, so just thought I'd post to see if anyone's interested in any of it :-)

Anyway, I promise I'll post a nice detailed nail art design soon when I find the time :-)
Have a great week! 

-Chloë xx