28 February 2012

Models Own: Blue Med

Models Own's 'Blue Med' is a beautiful light blue/aqua colour. It is delightfully dreamy-looking and as you can see from the bottle it comes out with a pearly sheen which makes it even lovelier.

Unfortunately, my bottle of this is very watery and took about 4 thin coats very carefully applied to make it a very strong colour :-( Maybe it was just my luck that I got the dud!

Wearing this today I got a load of compliments on how bright and airy my nails looked, so I will be making sure that I wear it again and in the Summer! :-)

All in all this is a fabulous colour - but can be hard to apply. I do recommend it so you can have this unusual and pretty light blue, too.

-Chloë xx

23 February 2012

Models Own: 'Black Magic' and a touch of 'Thunder & Lightning'

For a change this week I decided to go with classic jet black nails. I used Models Own's 'Black Magic' for the first time since I brought it. The formula was actually quite disappointing, while it did give a lovely rich black, it was hard to apply even with layers of thin coats.
It looks lovely on, but 2 days on it has already begun to chip at the edges of my nails! :-(

On my ring finger on each hand, I used a thick layer of Models Own's black/multicoloured glitter 'Thunder & Lightning' on top of a thin coat of plain black. I have to say that even though it is very subtle, it looks quite pleasing to see a splash of glitter and a hint of colour with my jet black nails. The glitter is wonderful in the light with specks of every colour :-)

All of Models Own's glitter polishes are very durable and long-lasting, hardly chipping at all and shimmering on for weeks and weeks! I highly recommend them to anyone who loves a bit of glitz on their nails, but a word of warning - they are kind of hard to remove as they stay on so well, so you better be in love with your glitter enough to keep it on for a long time before removing it! :-)

-Chloë xx

19 February 2012

Barry M 'Brit Red'

This fabulous colour is Barry M's "Brit Red", priced at a brilliant £2.99. Until I found Models Own I would stick to Barry M's collection, but I occasionally pick up one or two just because they are so awesomely cheap and not too shabby for their price.

The red is lovely; a classically beautiful nail varnish colour to wear, but with a bright and youthful twist.
It is, however, a bit of a pain to apply because of its watery formula. Nonetheless, it comes out shiny and after 2 or 3 thin coats you will have a great finish.

It usually stays on for less than a week as it chips and scratches pretty easily, but at such a low price it's worth just buying a lovely colour like this one to wear for a few days if you fancy a change! :-)

Overall I would give Barry M a 3/5 for this nail varnish, but I would recommend that you try other brands for a few more pennies just to get the long-lasting formula we all desire for our nails! :-)

Maybelline express finish: Pearl White

I've had this nail varnish for so long that I thought it deserved its own quick little review :-)

Very pearlescent, don't you think? ;-P

  • Shiny pearl effect
  • Glossy finish
  • Lasts for a few days until chipping
  • Fast drying
  • Slightly watery formula - thin coats needed
  • Chips easily once worn
I'm not sure if this shade is even still widely sold as it has been hiding away in my makeup drawers for so long! But if it is, I do recommend that you splash out about £3 to buy it if you don't already have a pearly nail varnish in your collection :-) Also, I have used this colour as a base coat for applying glitter to (and other  light colours) which always looks cute :-)

16 February 2012

Models Own: Evergreen

     Now I don't usually go for green nails, but when I saw this shade on Models Own I knew I had to buy it!
The green is called Evergreen (£5 like all other Models Own colours) and true to its name, stays a beautiful emerald shade of green for as long as you keep it on.

The formula is slightly thin and runny so you may need 2 or 3 coats but once applied it is non-streaky and quickly dries. It has a pearly quality, shimmering in the light as a perfectly vivid emerald green would do!

Here I added black tips to my nails to really make the green stand out
You will not be disappointed if you buy this nail varnish. It is a very rich colour which is long lasting and durable against chipping for weeks (even longer if combined with a good top coat like OPI Rapidry)!

All in all, this was another perfect purchase from Models Own, I highly recommend it!

-Chloë x x

15 February 2012

Models Own Pastel Collection

I received the Models Own Pastel Collection as a gift for my birthday last year and that was the day I fell in love with Models Own! The colours came in a little black box (which I now use to keep my free samples in) and all looked great together.

Here's the basic lowdown on each colour! (L to R)

Lilac Dream
    This nail varnish lives up to its name as it is a dream to wear! The colour is easy to apply and looks fabulous with just one coat, although you may add a second. The formula is bright, does not come out streaky when used, dries quickly and does not chip for quite a while (1-2 weeks wear). This lilac is fresh and light, making your nails look lovely and feminine :-)


Pastel Pink
     This pink is a very bright and barbie-esque shade which applies easily with just one coat for a rich colour! Formula is quickly dried and lasts for a week or more without chips.

Feeling Blue
     This blue is a delightful colour to wear, it is easy to apply with 1 or 2 coats needed for a lovely rich blue colour which is a perfect balance between a heavy blue and a light blue. You will see no streaks on application, no chips for a week plus, and will not have to wait long for it to dry. It is a lovely simple blue - a nail varnish which should be in your essential colours list! :-)

Lemon Meringue
     Unfortunately, I found this colour quite messy to apply as the formula comes out quite runny and streaky - you will need a few coats to balance it out! Also it seems to chip a lot easier than the other colours. Despite this, the yellow is lovely and bright whilst still appearing perfectly pastel :-)

Top Turquoise
     This colour's name is slightly misleading as I would say it's more green than turqouise - it comes out looking like a healthy green grass colour. The formula is quick drying after 1-2 coats of healthy looking green  ,and will last for a week or more with no chips.

Fuzzy Peach
     This colour is lovely and bright, livening up your nails; it also leans more towards orange than peach, but still retains a peachy quality. The formula is easy to apply with no streaks, a quick dry-time (after 1-2 coats) and a low chip rate. It's the first orange-y nail varnish I have ever owned and I'm glad it is - it's perfect for a sunny day with a mouthwatering fruit smoothie... which I'm now craving as I write! :-)

In conclusion

I am very pleased to own this collection and think that it is a must-have for all Models Own adorers! The application of all colours is relatively smooth (with the exception of Lemon Meringue) and without chips for a week or more with a good top coat :-)