2 March 2012

Putting a twist on the phrase 'feeling blue'!

So, after a very visually appealing experience with my Models Own (MO) Blue Med, I thought I would go all out with my best blue nail varnishes :-)

L-R: Barry M Cobalt Blue, MO Blue Med, MO Aquaviolet beetlejuice, MO Feeling Blue, MO Bluebell, Barry M Blueberry
Right hand (Sorry it's a bit messy - I'm tired :-P)
Left hand

Both of the Barry M shades applied perfectly with one richly coloured coat being all you need. I used my MO Black Nailart Pen to do one half of my thumb's yin-yang symbol and a random white pen brand on the other (which didn't go too well haha) and a heart on my right ring finger.

Models Own's 'Bluebell' is a deep blue glitter which is a bit tricky to apply but with 2 or 3 thin coats, very carefully layered, appears beautifully glittery :-) We all love a bit of sparkle! MO's glitter polishes last a very long time without chipping and are quite hard to remove, so make sure you really love them and want to wear them before you apply!

Apologies for how messy a few nails are, I was quite tired when I did them haha
Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this and try out a colour mix of your own - neater than mine :-)

-Chloë xx


  1. love it! these are the most blues I've seen on a hand!

  2. Thank you! I do love blue haha xx

  3. I love models own polishes they're so pigmented!! You only need two coats and it looks perfect :) Love the colours too :)

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    1. I know right! They are my favourite brand of nail colour ever :-)

      Followed you a while back hun - such a great blog xx

  4. i am loving all these blue shades! i've never tried using a models own nail polish, but i'd definitely love to get one. :)

    <3, Mimi

    1. They are gorgeous colours aren't they :-) I highly recommend Models Own to you! They're so cheap as well for such a lovely colour - the only downside is that there are way too many to choose from! :P

      Followed you! xx

  5. I've never actually tried anything from model's own, but their colour range looks fab. Blue is my fave colour!
    Great post!
    Ayesha xxx

    1. They have so many more beautiful blues as well, I wish I had them all! Same here :-)

      Thanks hun! Followed you xxx

  6. love your nails!
    lovely blog now following (:
    mantenso xx

    1. Thank you sweetheart :-)

      followed you! xxx


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