16 February 2012

Models Own: Evergreen

     Now I don't usually go for green nails, but when I saw this shade on Models Own I knew I had to buy it!
The green is called Evergreen (£5 like all other Models Own colours) and true to its name, stays a beautiful emerald shade of green for as long as you keep it on.

The formula is slightly thin and runny so you may need 2 or 3 coats but once applied it is non-streaky and quickly dries. It has a pearly quality, shimmering in the light as a perfectly vivid emerald green would do!

Here I added black tips to my nails to really make the green stand out
You will not be disappointed if you buy this nail varnish. It is a very rich colour which is long lasting and durable against chipping for weeks (even longer if combined with a good top coat like OPI Rapidry)!

All in all, this was another perfect purchase from Models Own, I highly recommend it!

-Chloë x x

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