19 February 2012

Barry M 'Brit Red'

This fabulous colour is Barry M's "Brit Red", priced at a brilliant £2.99. Until I found Models Own I would stick to Barry M's collection, but I occasionally pick up one or two just because they are so awesomely cheap and not too shabby for their price.

The red is lovely; a classically beautiful nail varnish colour to wear, but with a bright and youthful twist.
It is, however, a bit of a pain to apply because of its watery formula. Nonetheless, it comes out shiny and after 2 or 3 thin coats you will have a great finish.

It usually stays on for less than a week as it chips and scratches pretty easily, but at such a low price it's worth just buying a lovely colour like this one to wear for a few days if you fancy a change! :-)

Overall I would give Barry M a 3/5 for this nail varnish, but I would recommend that you try other brands for a few more pennies just to get the long-lasting formula we all desire for our nails! :-)


  1. Lovely colour. I always think Barry M's a great place to get colours that are pretty and you want in your collection but might not wear too often. I agree that it's worth splashing out a bit on, say, China Glaze or Essie for really lovely 'go to' colours.



    1. I agree! They are great for a get and go colour :-)
      Followed you by the way, awesome blog xx


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