13 July 2012

Marble nails - first attempt!

Hi! So I watched a few tutorials on marble nails and got the idea pretty quickly so wanted to try it out.

It turned out pretty messy because I've never done it before and I was panicking whilst doing it haha, so please excuse that :-) Also, I attempted at my little finger 3 times but every one failed so I just left it :-P

I had to trial and error a few polishes because some didn't really work in the water, speaking of which, it is pretty so I took a photo...

So pretty! It is a lot of fun but kind of annoying at the same time with clearing up every time :-)

Most of the colours I used were Barry M which worked quite well as they are a bit of a watery formula.

I think the best ones were the index and my thumb nails, the others weren't great. Oh well practice makes perfect right? :-)

I would write a basic tutorial but seeing as mine are very messy and not so great, I'll leave it to you to watch a GOOD tutorial haha, so here's a few links:


See you later :-)
-Chloë xx

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